Small Batch, Handmade Treats

We make our confections the old-fashioned way in small batches, no giant automated cookers or conveyor belt to be found in our kitchen. Our recipes were handed down through 3 generations of candy makers, who practiced for years to perfectly judge the flavor, texture, temperature, and color needed to achieve delicious results.

We have been making caramel corn since 1931 using a few simple ingredients. Caramel corn has a crunchy, glossy coating of sweet caramel with a hint of salt. It is handmade by cooking small batches of caramel in a large copper kettle, then adding air-popped popcorn and stirring.

Hand Dipped Opera Fudge

For nearly one hundred years, Wertz Candies Opera Fudge has been hand dipped in extra dark chocolate liquor, on the antique marble table pictured here.

William Wertz Jr. Circa 1974

The streetscape has changed, but you can still see a friendly face scooping caramel corn in the front window of our cozy shop today!