Special Order & Seasonal Items

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Look for our freshly dipped chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day or any time of year by special request. Available in milk or dark chocolate and presented in a gift box with a bow. Please call to set-up an order. Sorry, we cannot ship our strawberries.

Valentine Heart Boxes

Show your love with a classic heart shaped box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. We have a great selection of colors, styles and sizes for just the right sentiment. Heart boxes can be filled with a favorite chocolate or a mixed assortment. These can be shipped to cool climates, please call our Lebanon shop to place a shipping order or to hear about our current styles.

Irish Potatoes

We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by making Irish potatoes and filling the store with Celtic music. Bite size pieces of coconut bon-bon are shaped and rolled in cocoa and cinnamon, the result is what appears to be a little potato, fresh from the garden. Our Irish potatoes can be shipped, please call to set-up an order. We also have a rotating selection of festive candies such as chocolate gold coins, Irish cream truffles, foil shamrocks and more.

Easter Eggs

Our large cream filled Easter eggs have been loved for generations. It brings a special feeling to people, young and old to receive an Easter egg with their name written in icing. We make coconut cream, vanilla butter cream, and peanut butter eggs in your choice of milk or dark chocolate and opera fudge Easter eggs in dark chocolate. Our hand crafted cream eggs are available around Easter time in 1 pound, ½ pound and ¼ pound sizes, individually gift boxed. Easter eggs can be shipped, please call our Lebanon shop to place an order and to hear about our other springtime novelty candies.

Caramel Apples

We start making our famous caramel apples here at Wertz Candies as soon as the apples are ready for picking at our local orchard. The season usually runs from mid September until around Thanksgiving. We make classic caramel apples with our handmade vanilla caramel and caramel with crushed peanuts. Also available during the fall are our ultimate caramel apples, a larger size caramel apple loaded with chocolate, nuts, and candies. Sorry, we cannot ship our caramel apples.

Chocolate Figures

We have a great selection of chocolate figurine moulds that we have collected over the decades, such as animals, musical instruments, holiday themes, objects and more. Each figure is made with high quality chocolate, hand poured, trimmed and individually gift bagged. Please call our shop for more information about our selection of chocolate moulds. Many of our chocolate figures can be shipped.

Gift Baskets

We make beautiful gift baskets! You choose the amount to spend, starting at $60.00 up to as much as $200.00. Give us an idea of the occasion or season that you are celebrating and if there are any favorite varieties for us to highlight. We will put together an impressive gift basket with a wide selection of our most loved candies.

Sugar Corn

Sugar corn is similar to caramel corn, but made with white sugar in place of the brown sugar. This sweet and crunchy confection can be colored to correspond with a holiday celebration, sports team or party decorations. Sugar corn can be shipped at any time of year, even to warm climates. It stays fresh for long periods of time as long as it is sealed in a container. Please call our shop for more information.